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Diamond Buying Tips

  1. Learn as much as you can about diamonds.
  2. Always trust your eye. If something about a diamond doesn't look quite right, believe your eyes!
  3. Shop around and compare.
  4. Compare the actual price you are paying, not the percent of discount. Large discounts indicate higher mark-ups.
  5. Compare quality and price together for value. Diamond prices vary drastically with quality differences. A cheap price is not always a bargain.
  6. As for a written and signed appraisal of the diamond's quality on your jeweler's letterhead with your purchase. Ask them to use the GIA grading scale.
  7. Ask about extra charges such as labor to set the diamond, ring sizing charges, appraisal charges, charges to solder together an engagement and wedding band and factor them into the total cost. Is there an additional discount if you purchase a man's and ladies ring together? Do they offer insurance? If so, how much is it? If you are financing, what are the finance charges?
  8. What is their guarantee? Find out if the diamond will be set on the premises. Is there someone there who is knowledgeable about jewelry repair if you should have a problem? How quick can they give you service?
  9. Ask friends and family where they have purchased jewelry, and whether they have been happy with their purchase.
  10. Buy your diamond from someone you trust--someone who will be there to help you in the future if you have any questions or problems with your jewelry. Do not buy from anyone you do not trust, especially if the deal sounds too good to be true.
  11. Remember, you will own this diamond for the rest of your life. Buy a diamond you will be proud to give and pass down through the generations of your family.


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