At Stan Paul Jewelry, we carry all sizes and shapes of diamonds - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For more information about purchasing diamonds, visit the Gemological Institute of America at and the European Gemological Laboratory at

Trade-ins? Always.
We are sure that the value of your diamond purchase from Stan Paul Wholesale Jewelers is the best you'll find. So, we'll apply the purchase price of your diamond toward a larger diamond at any time. We only sell diamonds that we would be happy to accept as a trade in the future.

For centuries, men and women have found that the sparkle and brilliance of a quality diamond expresses their deepest emotions and symbolizes their enduring love. Yet, with many beautiful diamonds to choose from--and no two alike--how do you pick the right diamond while spending wisely? The 4C's, along with the guidance of a trusted jeweler, will lead you to the answer.

Trusting your jeweler is half the battle. Follow these guidelines when purchasing your diamonds.



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