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Articles by Stan Paul

How to Care for your Pearls 

Pearls are soft and delicate gems. They need to be handled carefully. Here are some tips on how to care for your pearls:

  1. Store pearls in a soft bag, a velvet box or a satin pouch, avoid  touching other jewelry objects. If you plan to wear pearls on your clothing, wear clothing with soft materials. Avoid wearing pearls on rough materials such as wool.
  2. Pearls contain calcium carbonate, they can be attacked by acids. Protect pearls from chemicals such as vinegar, alcohol, ammonia, and hair spray, bleach, perfume, swimming pool water and cosmetics. You should put on your pearls after you have applied makeup, hair spray and perfume, or gone to the hair salon.
  3. Avoid wearing pearls when you sweat a lot, since sweat contains acid.  Take pearls off when exercising, swimming or taking a shower.
  4. Avoid wearing pearls when you cook, since pearls can absorb smoke and steam from cooking.
  5. Pearls also contain small amounts of water and protein, so keep them from high heat or dry places. Avoid harsh sun exposure.
  6. Pearls contain organic substance, they need fresh air and moisture. It is recommended that you wear pearls at least once every month.
  7. Wipe pearls regularly with a soft cloth moistened with water. If you scratch a pearl skin,  gently rub olive oil  on the scratched area.
  8. If you wear pearls frequently, it is advisable to restring the pearls every one to two years before the silk thread weakens.
  9. Regular care will greatly extent the life of your pearls. 


This article was published in the North Shore Women's Journal

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